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Fractional, Bankable Smart Assets

Pioneering the Grid of Tomorrow. Solving the Needs of Today.

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To tackle a mounting debt crisis, new asset ownership models are needed which gives lenders alternate revenue sources.

HelioGrid is pioneering a worldwide network which allows renewable energy assets to be owned and managed via ‘smart trusts’. A smart trust on the HelioGrid network can manage solar assets, contract with utilities and give stakeholders a fractional portfolio of bankable assets.

Through holding a portfolio of these smart assets, investors can become micro-utilities on the Grid of Tomorrow.


Worldwide Network

The Heliogrid network will be a borderless, distributed platform with a stardardised unit of exchange. This will allow users to ‘buy-in’ to existing fractional assets anywhere in the world or enter into agreements to fund new ones.

A New Asset Ownership Model

Ownership of assets is currently paper-based. To own parts in an asset, you need to hold written title in each (or maintain physical control). Heliogrid puts title of assets like solar plants on a digital database where single accounts can hold many parts.

Value at Scale

As HelioGrid smart assets are all digital, fractional and represented on the same platform, it’s possible to own an ever-increasing network of revenue-generating assets. Assets have their own revenue profiles (all viewable to title holders) and can pay revenue directly to account holders on the platform.

Distributed Ledger Technology

The HelioGrid framework will run on top of a distributed network where money can be programmed natively. Smart trusts will be managed via smart contracts – programs which can automate the flow of money and data with complete visibility to all parties.

Fractional Title

Because ownership is liquid and divisible, assets can be owned in almost unlimited ways. This gives flexibility for parties to identify the unique arrangements which most suits their operational profile, investment situation and regional requirements.

Horizon One

Asset Networks and Automated Debt Servicing Instruments

Horizon Two

Micro-Utilities, Aggregated Portfolios and Large-scale Fractional Investment

The Future is Distributed.

There’s an unprecedented opportunity for a platform which decreases mortgage stress, provides new asset ownership models and gives lenders alternate revenue sources. HelioGrid combines those aspects into one distributed network.

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